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Industrial tech fund

Car Factory

Our investment approach

Industrial tech specialists adding value to entrepreneurs as well as corporate partners

Atlas Ventures is a venture capital fund that specialises in industrial decarbonisation and digitalisation. Our goal at Atlas Ventures is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies, which we do in two ways.

Firstly, we add direct value through our core team which consists of seasoned investors but also advisors/venture partners with C-level/Board level experience from industrial multinational corporates, domain experts in various industries, and subject-matter experts on a number of topics. 

Secondly, we have built an ecosystem of industrial corporate partners with whom we regularly exchange ideas and connect startups, even when those startups may not be in our portfolio of investments. This enables us to add value to both sides of the innovation ecosystem and allows us to build deep relationships with our stakeholders across the board.

Investment Focus

We invest in early-stage (Seed/Late Seed) European companies developing industrial decarbonisation and digitalisation technologies. Typically, our investments are B2B companies targeting industries such as Energy, Transportation/Automotive, Logistics/Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Heavy Industries (e.g. construction, steel, maritime). 

As a non-exhaustive list, industrial digitalisation includes themes such as applications of AI, AR/VR, robotics, cybersecurity and blockchain to the industries mentioned above. Likewise, industrial decarbonisation includes technologies such as carbon capture, synthetic fuels, and heat management applied to the above. 

Meet the Team

Led by Partners who have been investing in industrial technologies for >7 years; supported by Advisors consisting of C-level execs and Board members from multinational industrial companies, domain experts in industrial sectors and subject-matter experts in industrial topics

Portfolio companies

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Daghan Cam

Ai Build

"Atlas Ventures partners have supported us across a number of rounds and introduced us to many automotive players"

Paolo di Prodi

"Atlas Ventures were the first investors in our company; they have been a trusted party and a source of significant wisdom for us"

Yanwen Chen


"Atlas Ventures have been real hustlers for us from day 1, much more so than their minority shareholding levels would lead you to expect"
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