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Atlas Ventures

Atlas Ventures is a dynamic venture capital firm founded by two visionary partners. Duran Cesur, a seasoned expert in industrial tech CVCs, brings a wealth of experience in identifying and nurturing disruptive startups. Onur Canlitepe, with an impressive background in investment banking spanning energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing, offers a keen eye for lucrative investment opportunities. With a remarkable partnership spanning over 25 years and successful collaborations over the past 6-7 years, Atlas Ventures embodies a synergy that goes beyond conventional boundaries. Our goal is to shape the future of innovation by leveraging our collective expertise to fuel the growth of exceptional entrepreneurs and unlock the potential of groundbreaking startups.

White Drone

Data-Driven Business models

With advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, and other cutting-edge technologies, the tech sector continues to offer unparalleled investment prospects. Investing in tech startups is not just about financial gain; it's about actively shaping the future, supporting innovation, and being part of the exciting journey towards a more connected, efficient, and transformative world

Decarbonisation: : Powering a Sustainable Future

Investing in decarbonisation is not just an opportunity, but a necessity in combating climate change and transitioning to a sustainable future. We aim at accelerating the global shift towards a greener economy while generating positive environmental and financial returns. 

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels
Working Together


Committed to empowerment

We firmly believe that a capital project organization's most valuable asset is its people. We recognize the transformative power of investing in individuals and startups. By nurturing and empowering talented individuals, we lay the foundation for innovation, collaboration, and success. Our commitment to investing in people extends beyond financial support; we provide mentorship, resources, and a supportive ecosystem to foster growth and development.

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